Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mums 70th

As my mum was recently 70 wanted to make something special for her - more of a keepsake really and personalised. I googled the day she was born and found that the only thing of any importance was a Total Eclipse - so made up a wee poem with this - the other poem i found on the internet and personalised with our family names. I used magnolia butterfly paper and think the marianne butterfly die compliments it perfectly, also used some butterfly peel offs on acetate for a more 3d effect. My mum was delighted with her card.
Well fellow Bloggers ( smiling as I write that) I think I have the hang of posting now - so will go ahead and put on some recent cards. I have been trying to keep myself busy as my baby boy has left home to start his journey as a Student ! Although he is only 17 has started this year at St Andrews University to study medicine - whilst I cannot describe how proud we are of him - homelife seems somewhat changed without him (saying that he has been home both weekends) but little things like setting the table for 3 instead of 4 - and not having to tidy his room on a daily basis all seem strange but I am sure we shall get used to it.

Xmas Angels

Found this Angel in my stash and came up with this simple design - think it shows off the Angel perfectly! Have around 8 or so more - so watch this space for a wee batch of similar cards.